Why Work With Us?

Add Expertise

Your contact and paraplanner at IFA Reports will be a Chartered Financial Planner with considerable experience in all areas of financial planning.  We do not delegate to a less qualified or experienced paraplanner, or an external third party, as quality control is key.

Free Up Time For Advice

By outsourcing to us you can free up time for you and your team to develop your business by focusing on providing advice and service to your clients.

Improve Efficiency & Profitability

Our service is cost effective, reducing the need for additional in-house resourcing with potential savings in associated costs such as National Insurance, employee benefits, office overheads, holiday/sick pay, training and monitoring.  Our hourly fee structure means that you pay for our services when you need them.

Receive a Customised Service

We are a client-focused business working closely with a relatively concentrated group of clients.  This enables us to customise the services we provide to meet each client's specific requirements.

Integrate Our Services Easily

We work with you to integrate our services into your existing processes without disruption.  Although we work remotely, you will have a dedicated paraplanner to provide the services needed.  We pride ourselves on building a close working relationship with each client, being easy to contact and quick to respond to your requirements.

Outsource with Confidence

We have been providing outsourced paraplanning services since 2005 and prior to that had active experience in providing financial advice. We have long-standing client relationships built on delivering our services consistently and efficiently.  Our clients trust us to provide our services with integrity and care.