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Free up time for advice

By outsourcing to IFA Reports you can free up your time to develop your business by focussing on providing advice and service to your clients.

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Improve efficiency and profitability

Our service is cost effective, avoiding the need for additional in-house resourcing and potentially saving associated costs such as employer’s National Insurance, employee benefits, office overheads and holiday/sick pay.

Our hourly fee structure means that you pay for our services when you need them, with no commitment to a retainer.

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Receive a personalised service

We are a client-focused business,working with a select group of clients, and do not take a mass market approach.  We are currently accepting new clients.

We pride ourselves on building a close working relationship with clients, being easy to contact and quick to respond to your requirements.


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We are well established and highly qualified

We have provided professional outsourcing services to financial advisers for 14 years and prior to that have active experience in the provision of financial advice.  We have long-standing client relationships built on delivering the services provided consistently and effectively.

Your contact and report writer at IFA Reports will be qualified to Chartered Financial Planner level.

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Integrate our service easily

Our professional services are entirely bespoke to the requirement of your business. 

We work to ensure that our service is integrated into your existing processes without disruption, using your existing methods of communication and report formats.  We can review your existing formats if appropriate.

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Outsource to us with confidence

We work to a high professional standard in terms of technical knowledge, accuracy and written English.

Our clients trust us to provide the services that they request with integrity and care.

Clients retain control of the process in terms of when and how the service is used to maximise the effectiveness for their business.

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